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Testimonial from Bollinger+Grohmann, Our Engineering Firm for the Tower

Collaboration and innovation in 3D construction

At Constructions-3D, we are always thrilled to collaborate with partners who share our passion for innovation and excellence in construction. It is in this spirit that we had the pleasure of discussing with Meriem Bourriche, Structural Project Manager at Bollinger+Grohmann, a renowned engineering agency.

Bollinger+Grohmann: An innovative partner in structural engineering

Bollinger+Grohmann is a well-known international engineering firm specializing in building structure and envelope. Founded in 1983 by Klaus Bollinger and Manfred Grohmann, the company is based in Frankfurt, with offices in Vienna (2003), Paris (2007), Oslo, Melbourne (2010), Berlin (2013), Munich (2015), Rome (2016), Stuttgart (2018), Brussels, Düsseldorf (2019), Budapest (2020), Milan, Shanghai, Hamburg, Nantes (2021), Emmendingen, and Lahr (2022).

Operating in structural engineering as well as in the facade and thermal sectors, the agency brings its expertise to both new constructions and the rehabilitation of office and residential buildings. Always in search of optimal structural solutions, Bollinger+Grohmann is a key player in the field of innovative engineering.

The firm has notably realized projects such as the Centre Pompidou in Massy, the Louvre Lens, and the Adidas Arena in Paris, showcasing their ability to blend advanced engineering with architectural aesthetics.

The Role and responsibilities of Meriem Bourriche in the construction of the tower

Meriem Bourriche plays a vital role at Bollinger+Grohmann as the Structural Project Manager. Her responsibilities are diverse and crucial for the smooth progress of projects. These include technical management of engineers and draftsmen, execution studies, production supervision, conducting studies for new projects or rehabilitation, inspections of structures, reinforcement studies, and much more. Her comprehensive vision and expertise are major assets in the realization of ambitious structural projects.

Support for the Constructions-3D project

When asked about Bollinger+Grohmann's support for the Constructions-3D project, Meriem explained that their agency was chosen to take on the role of the technical studies office (BET) for structural work for the Citadelle des Savoir-Faire construction project. According to her, this project is a crucial pivot for the future of construction due to its innovative and promising nature.

The visit to the Citadelle des Savoir-Faire

During their visit in December, the team from Bollinger+Grohmann was particularly impressed by the innovative aspects of 3D construction and the expertise demonstrated by Constructions-3D. The purpose of this visit was to introduce the project to their collaborators and to raise awareness about the new technologies and skills required in the field of 3D construction. This visit highlighted the cutting-edge nature of 3D construction methods and the potential they hold for transforming the building industry.

Goals and expectations towards Constructions-3D

Meriem emphasizes that their goal in supporting Constructions-3D is to strengthen their collaboration and contribute to the advancement of this innovative technology. She expresses strong intellectual support for the knowledge developed by Constructions-3D and looks forward to exciting future endeavors that may arise from this partnership.

Innovations at the Citadelle des Savoir-Faire

"Regarding the innovations at the Citadelle, I believe it is essential to have bold entrepreneurs in France who believe in innovation and carry it forward, as Constructions-3D does. I consider the innovations made, both in terms of construction and insulation, to be world-class and represent a concrete demonstration of Constructions-3D's expertise." - Meriem Bourriche

Alignment of projects with Bollinger+Grohmann’s values

Finally, Meriem emphasizes that the projects of Constructions-3D align perfectly with the values of Bollinger+Grohmann, which advocates a rebellious and experimental approach in construction, aimed at shaping the future. This synergy is crucial as it combines the innovative drive of Constructions-3D with the seasoned expertise of Bollinger+Grohmann, creating a powerful force in the world of modern construction.

This meeting with Meriem Bourriche from Bollinger+Grohmann highlights the significance of collaboration and innovation in the construction sector. At Constructions-3D, we are excited about continuing our collaboration with partners like Bollinger+Grohmann, united by our shared passion for revolutionizing the construction world. Our combined efforts are not just about building structures, but about shaping a new era in construction that values creativity, sustainability, and technological advancement.


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