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The MaxiPrinter : A mobile tool for construction

3D printing has taken huge leaps in the construction industry, opening new perspectives in the field. Among the most remarkable innovations is the MaxiPrinter, a mobile 3D printer specifically designed for construction sites.

We understand the constraints of the construction site !

The MaxiPrinter : A mobile tool for construction.

The MaxiPrinter is a large-scale 3D printer designed to be easily transported to construction sites. It is equipped with sturdy treads and a hydraulic lifting system, enabling it to move effortlessly on all types of terrain, even the most rugged. This unparalleled mobility paves the way for practical use of 3D printing directly at the construction site.

Advantages of the mobility of the MaxiPrinter

  1. Speed and flexibility : Thanks to its mobility, the MaxiPrinter can be quickly moved from one location to another on the construction site. This significantly reduces time wasted in transportation and accelerates the construction process. Additionally, it can be used to print architectural elements on demand, allowing for increased flexibility in the design and construction of structures.

  2. Cost reduction : Construction sites often involve transporting heavy materials over long distances. The MaxiPrinter eliminates this need by bringing 3D printing directly to the site. This reduces transportation and handling costs, while minimizing waste and optimizing material usage.

  3. Architectural innovation : The mobility of the MaxiPrinter offers architects unprecedented creative freedom. They can experiment with complex shapes and structures without the traditional limitations of construction. Bold designs can be accurately realized through 3D printing technology, enabling the construction of unique and aesthetically impressive buildings.

  4. Improved safety : Construction sites can be hazardous, especially when it involves working at heights. The MaxiPrinter helps reduce safety risks by eliminating the need for scaffolding or other temporary installations for construction. Workers can operate from a safe distance and supervise the 3D printing process, reducing potential accidents.

The mobility of the MaxiPrinter represents a true revolution in the construction industry. By bringing 3D printing directly to construction sites, this technology opens up new possibilities in terms of speed, flexibility, architectural innovation, and safety. The economic and environmental benefits it offers are also substantial. With the MaxiPrinter, the construction industry is transforming, propelling 3D printing to new heights, and is giving rise to buildings that are more sustainable and impressive than ever before.


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